Mysterious Beasts of Kentucky by Barton Nunnelly

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Today was a good mail day! 

I got a book in the mail from Barton Nunnelly, Mysterious Kentucky: The History, Mystery and Unexplained of the Bluegrass State.

I had to contain myself until I'd finished my work for the day, then sat down in my new comfy chair and started reading. It's a fascinating book so far! 

If you'd like a signed copy of this or other books, please contact Bart himself to see if he has any more copies. He made a post about it here, and you can DM him for payment details. 

Or you can find it on Amazon—as of the time of this writing, you can read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, or purchase Kindle or paperback versions. (***But if you buy books directly from him, he is raising money for charity as per his post.***)

Happy reading!

book cover for mysterious kentucky by barton m. nunnelly

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