The 'Conjuring' House is for Sale

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Got a cool $1.2 million dollars? 

Then you can possibly buy the famed home at the basis of The Conjuring franchise, otherwise known as The Farm on Round Top Road in Harrisville, Rhode Island.

The current owners, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, are selling the farm (otherwise known as the Arnold Estate) due to issues with Cory's health that make upkeep of the property difficult. 

This home was where the Perron family lived and experienced the now-famous (and at times terrifying) haunting in the 1970s, which Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated and which was memorialized in Andrea Perron's trilogy of books, House of Darkness, House of Light. The movie The Conjuring (first in an internationally best-selling franchise of horror movies) then added more visibility to a house with many tales of entities, foul smells, oppression, and sleepless nights.

Since the Heinzens have owned the house, they have allowed groups to investigate the property in addition to special events being held, such as the upcoming three-day/night event hosted by The Dark Zone called "The Conjuring House: A Homecoming" taking place Oct. 29th – Nov. 1st. (Tickets: $19.99 at the linked site.) In the promo video, Andrea Perron describes the home as "a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse." According to Andrea's post on Facebook, this event is a very possibly the last time the Perron family (Andrea, Roger, and Nancy) will be all together on the farm again. (Andrea's mother and her sisters, Christine and Cindy, will attend from a safe distance via Zoom.) 

No one knows the farm's fate going forward, but I know we will all wait with bated breath to find out.

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