Book Review: One Bed Over: A Hospital Haunting by Alex Matsuo

Believe it or not, this is the 46th book I've read this year (so far). I've been keeping count on Goodreads, and have been known to binge book series on Kindle Unlimited, which is what makes that count go up so fast, I think. 

Anyway, paranormal peeps are going to want to read this one: if you’re a fan of Haunted Hospitals, then you may have seen Alex’s story featured in S3, E12, “It Followed Me Home.” But what TV can’t really give you in a 15–20 minute segment is the whole story of what happened when the author suffered a traumatic accident involving a 25-foot fall, ended up in the hospital for quite some time, and while there, encountered an angry spirit who followed her home. 

While HH covered Alex’s story really well, you will definitely want to read her FULL account. It’s riveting and rich, and I really appreciate Alex’s transparency about her life, what she went through, and what she took away from it.  

Another plus to this book is the author’s voice: this is accessible, intimate reading, like she’s telling you her story in person over a coffee. A true joy to read! And while you're at it, check out the author's cool site, The Spooky Stuff.

You can order her book on Amazon in either Kindle format or paperback, read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (at the time of this writing), or, like me, get a signed copy from the author if you see her at an event. 

It was so nice meeting Alex and getting up a signed copy of this book at ConCarolinas 2022.

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