Baker Mayfield's UFO Sighting

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I remember not too long ago, if you talked about things like ghosts, UFOs, or Sasquatch, you were considered weird or crazy or people would at least look at you funny and scoff. 

It seems times have changed, though. I've been noticing a shift after the last 20 years or so, where if you tell someone you're interested in paranormal stuff, they don't really bat an eye as much. Is that your experience, too? 

So why was I surprised an NFL player came straight out and said he saw a UFO and he also believes in Sasquatch?

I get a daily Google news digest of all the weird news I can think to query, and hot in my email box this week was this little gem (byline: Charean Williams 4/26/21): Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was driving home with his wife one night when he saw a UFO "drop straight out of the sky." I found the tweet from March 3rd of this year:

The website (byline: Mary Kay Cabot, 4/26/21) quotes Mayfield as saying "I’m a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch" and that he's happy the Navy has been confirming some of the footage we've all seen elsewhere. 

What do you think? Are people more accepting of UFO reports (or other strange phenomena) these days? Does it help if someone somewhat famous reveals an encounter or belief in it? Let us know! 

UFOs by State

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How many UFOs were seen in 2020?

In our last post, we talked about bigfoot sightings by state in 2020. Might as well talk UFOs next, right?

Since Satellite Internet did such a great job breaking down the Bigfoot data, I saw a link to UFO data on their site and followed it.

According to the author (byline: Kristin Cooke, June 24, 2020), in the first three months alone of 2020, UFO sightings were up by 112% compared to the first three months of 2019. That’s incredible! What’s up with just pre-pandemic UFO sightings rising like that?

They list the top 10 states to see a UFO from 2020 data (and yes! My home state of Connecticut squeaked onto that list at #10), and then they list the 10 best states to hide from a UFO because it’s more rare to see them (of note to me on that list is North Carolina, which I spend a lot of time in due to having family there).

They then list the entire data across all states, ranked by numbers of total UFO sightings (Pennsylvania is kind of “meh” in the middle there) and they sourced all the data from the National UFO Reporting Center.

So...where did your state rank? And are you happy or sad about the result? And have you seen a UFO? If you want to share your UFO story, report it here

Until next time! πŸ‘½

Bigfoot by State

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What’s the status of Bigfoot in your state?

You know, I don’t know that I’ve ever asked myself that before, but based on an article I saw on 95.7 KEZJ’s website, now I’m curious.

According to the article, the creature is alive and well in Idaho. Using a study that dove into BFRO data, the author (byline: Nate Bird, April 21, 2021) reports there were only two sightings in Idaho in 2020, the second one being in August, with 98 sightings in total over time.

I don’t know, that seems...kind of low? I guess I assumed Idaho would have more sightings, but I can’t really tell you why I say that. Insert something here about inherent bias and a complete lack of knowledge about Idaho. (Something else I didn’t know about Idaho: the author of the article claims UFOs are a bigger phenomenon than bigfoot. Huh. I wonder what else they have going on over there? Where are they on dogmen, for instance?) 

The author links to a study done by Satellite Internet entitled “States with the Most Bigfoot Sightings in 2020” (using BFRO data). According to their findings for states overall, Washington tops the list with 676, followed by California with 445. I was a little surprised at Florida sliding into third place with 328, though, because if I had to guess, I would’ve said Pennsylvania or Oregon, but those two aren’t anywhere near the top of the list! (Again with the inherent bias. I am definitely no expert.)

It’s interesting to note they also break the data down by population numbers in another chart.

Anyway, give it a look-see and let us know where your state stacks up. 

(Pennsylvania came in at 118 sightings overall for 2020, and my home state of Connecticut came in with one of the fewest at 18.)

Have you seen bigfoot in your area? Let us know by submitting a report here.

Keep it squatchy, folks! πŸ‘£

On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey

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Have you seen the new movie entitled On the Trail of Bigfoot: the Journey by Small Town Monsters, yet? 

There were two ways to see it when it premiered on April 17, 2021:
  • You live in or near Canton, Ohio and viewed the premiere live at Canton Palace Theatre
  • You were a kickstarter backer at various levels
I fell into the second category, and it was also my first Kickstarter experience, and so far, it’s a good one! 

Just recently, the first perk of being a backer for STM’s 2021 production schedule released on the same day as the live premiere, and I got to view the digital version of On the Trail of Bigfoot: the Journey while sipping my morning coffee on my comfy couch on April 17th. It was a great way to start the day!

I don’t want to give too much away, but in short: the film crew, led by Seth Breedlove and in conjunction with several researchers into the bigfoot phenomenon (such as Steve Kulls, Paul Bartholomew, Mike Anne, and Alexander Petakov) went into the Adirondack mountains in search of the elusive, mythical beast. They revisited the scene of some of their past research in Whitehall, New York.

As always, gorgeous scenery, interesting conversations, and satisfying filmmaking rule the day. I have enjoyed all of their productions so far.

On the Trail of Bigfoot: the Journey is available now for preorder for DVD and Blu-ray (if you didn’t fall into those two categories I mentioned above). The film is available for streaming platforms (rental and purchase) on 6/8/21 per their announcement on Facebook. Squatch it up with this movie when you can; I really enjoyed it! πŸ‘£

The 13th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference Wrap-Up

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The paranormal conference I went to this weekend was fun! 

Yesterday was my first time getting out to an event since COVID-19 changed how we do things, and it was great, albeit a bit of an adjustment for me mentally to be around so many people after over a year of mostly isolating. Because of underlying conditions, I have been very careful, so it was almost weird to be amongst people again, but it was great to get out again!

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was the 13th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference and was hosted by the Butler Organization for Research on the Unexplained (BORU) and The Center for Unexplained Events (CUE).

The sign that greeted us at the entrance

It featured five speakers and two rooms of vendors, plus door prizes, free books and magazines, and raffles. Speakers were: Jami & Jenny King, James Krug, Ed Kelemen (Zelia Edgar couldn’t make it), and Thomas White, and then Russell Price offered a gallery reading to volunteers who put their name in a jar to be selected at random.

The talks were all quite enjoyable, and I liked meeting new-to-me vendors (The Art of Eerie Eric, for example) and seeing friendly faces I already knew: Jimmy and Dee Trick of Goosebumps Paranormal, author Kevin Paul, author Tony Lavorgne, Bob and Tracy Ammon of Legendary Luminaries and Miss Trixie’s Quilty Pleasures, and Melanie and Chris Durish of Steel Town Paranormal. I bought a few books (links below) and a piece of art for my office (which I promised Eric I’d take a picture of as soon as I get it installed), as well as some cool new masks with cryptid themes.

It took me about an hour to get up there from the City of Pittsburgh, and it was a nice drive up 279 to 79 and then over some local roads. The weather was nice, too — not too hot, and not too cold — so I was able to roll down the windows and let the wind ruin my hairdo. :) 

The Tanglewood Senior Center is a large facility with plenty of room for an event without it becoming too crowded, and parking is easy. There is even a large kitchen facility from which food vendors offered hot dogs, meatball subs, snacks, chips, and drinks. The schedule of speakers was nicely spaced out in that there were breaks in between each lecture, so you could visit vendor tables, get a snack or beverage, or step outside for some air. It was the perfect size, too — not so big that you’d have a hard time getting to every table or room, but not too small in that there wasn’t enough to do. 

The raffles were good, and someone was giving out free books and magazines, so between that and the purchases I made, I came home with a respectable haul. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the day and seeing/meeting everyone, and I’m so glad to be able to get out and go to events again. I had a really great time and am sorry I’ve missed this event in all the prior years. Glad I finally got to go, and if I can go again, I will! 

The next event I plan on attending will be Haunted Con on May 15th at the Greene County Historical Society museum. I hope I’ll see you there! πŸ‘»

13th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference is TODAY!

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The 2021 paranormal conference season is kicking off this weekend.

I have lived in the City of Pittsburgh since 2008, and every year I would hear about a nearby paranormal conference the week AFTER it happened. And so every year I’d say to myself, “Hey, I wish I had gone to that; I’ll pay more attention next year around April.”

And then every single year, I’d fail to pay attention, somehow not see any announcements, and then find out about it after it happened! 

Last year, of course, I was aware of plans for the event, but when everything was shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t attempt to attend. (And I’m unsure if they even held it.)

This year, I am on the ball and ready for the 13th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference, which is put on by the Butler Organization for Research on the Unexplained and The Center for Unexplained Events.  

And, it’s the THIRTEENTH year. That seems fortuitous, to me! As someone born on a 13th day, I embrace the number as a good omen. 

Speakers include: Jami & Jenni King, James Krug, Zelia Edgar, Thomas White, and Russell Price. Tickets are $15 at the door. It’s being held at Tanglewood Senior Center, 10 Austin Avenue, Lyndora, PA 16045, from 10a-7p.

You can follow the event on their Facebook event page.

Hope to see you there!

New “Sasquatch” doco on Hulu

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According to KQED’s website (byline: Rae Alexandra on April 21, 2021), there is a new documentary series called Sasquatch airing on Hulu. 

The documentary features David Holthouse as he investigates a triple homicide on a pot farm in Northern California. Upon reading the headline my mind started wondering, Did a bigfoot-type creature really kill three people? 

Holthouse has an interesting reason to investigate this true crime topic: in 1993, he was staying at a friend’s cabin on a pot farm when two men approached to say they’d found three mutilated bodies, and they believed “a sasquatch had done it.”

Holthouse has a long history of investigative reporting, so in this series he attempts to solve the mystery, diving deep into the history of the so-called Emerald Triangle, pot farms, and any issues that may be associated with such. Paired with a reported regional belief in the mythical (or real?) creature, this sounds like an interesting case!

I don’t have a Hulu account, but I might sign up to watch this. I love true crime topics and bigfoot, so I admit I’m curious what conclusions Holthouse draws with this case.

Have you watched it or are you going to? If you do, let us know what you think.

Welcome Post

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I hope you’re ready to follow topics on the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOs & aliens, psychic phenomena, and more! 

My name is Beth Wojiski, and I have been in love with these topics since I was a kid. You can read more about me here.

In addition to posting on these topics, if I read a good book or see a good movie/TV show in this related space, I might drop a review here. 

Finally, I also have a place where you can report your own spooky encounters if you wish, with the option to remain anonymous if need be. 

Stay spooky, my friends! πŸ‘»

Photo by Nathan Wright on Unsplash

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