Baker Mayfield's UFO Sighting

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I remember not too long ago, if you talked about things like ghosts, UFOs, or Sasquatch, you were considered weird or crazy or people would at least look at you funny and scoff. 

It seems times have changed, though. I've been noticing a shift after the last 20 years or so, where if you tell someone you're interested in paranormal stuff, they don't really bat an eye as much. Is that your experience, too? 

So why was I surprised an NFL player came straight out and said he saw a UFO and he also believes in Sasquatch?

I get a daily Google news digest of all the weird news I can think to query, and hot in my email box this week was this little gem (byline: Charean Williams 4/26/21): Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was driving home with his wife one night when he saw a UFO "drop straight out of the sky." I found the tweet from March 3rd of this year:

The website (byline: Mary Kay Cabot, 4/26/21) quotes Mayfield as saying "I’m a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch" and that he's happy the Navy has been confirming some of the footage we've all seen elsewhere. 

What do you think? Are people more accepting of UFO reports (or other strange phenomena) these days? Does it help if someone somewhat famous reveals an encounter or belief in it? Let us know! 

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