Bigfoot by State

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What’s the status of Bigfoot in your state?

You know, I don’t know that I’ve ever asked myself that before, but based on an article I saw on 95.7 KEZJ’s website, now I’m curious.

According to the article, the creature is alive and well in Idaho. Using a study that dove into BFRO data, the author (byline: Nate Bird, April 21, 2021) reports there were only two sightings in Idaho in 2020, the second one being in August, with 98 sightings in total over time.

I don’t know, that seems...kind of low? I guess I assumed Idaho would have more sightings, but I can’t really tell you why I say that. Insert something here about inherent bias and a complete lack of knowledge about Idaho. (Something else I didn’t know about Idaho: the author of the article claims UFOs are a bigger phenomenon than bigfoot. Huh. I wonder what else they have going on over there? Where are they on dogmen, for instance?) 

The author links to a study done by Satellite Internet entitled “States with the Most Bigfoot Sightings in 2020” (using BFRO data). According to their findings for states overall, Washington tops the list with 676, followed by California with 445. I was a little surprised at Florida sliding into third place with 328, though, because if I had to guess, I would’ve said Pennsylvania or Oregon, but those two aren’t anywhere near the top of the list! (Again with the inherent bias. I am definitely no expert.)

It’s interesting to note they also break the data down by population numbers in another chart.

Anyway, give it a look-see and let us know where your state stacks up. 

(Pennsylvania came in at 118 sightings overall for 2020, and my home state of Connecticut came in with one of the fewest at 18.)

Have you seen bigfoot in your area? Let us know by submitting a report here.

Keep it squatchy, folks! 👣

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