Apparently I Missed Out on Buying My Dream (Haunted) Home in Ireland

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Would you buy a haunted house if you could?

According to Smithsonian Magazine (byline: Theresa Machemer, July 20, 2020), Loftus Hall in County Wexford was for sale last summer at a listing price of $2.87M. Darn, I missed it!

According to legend, the Tottenham family had a visitor knock on their door on a dark and stormy night in the 1700s. They entertained the visitor with a card game one evening, and when Anne Tottenham bent over to retrieve something she had dropped, she peered under the card table and realized the visitor had cloven hooves for feet. Anne could not contain a scream, at which point the visitor disappeared through the ceiling while a clap of thunder sounded and a smell of sulfur assailed their senses. A shocked Anne never recovered, and after her death, she was said to wander Loftus Hall into eternity.

Did the devil visit Loftus Hall? Or is this just a tall tale? 

Imagine if it all could be yours for a cool three mil!

The hall has a long and colorful history, and it sounds like the legend has been good publicity and perhaps business in the 21st century. The owners at the time of the sale, the Quigleys, performed renovations on the home while maintaining its spooky character, and then they started offering paranormal tours. In 2014, a visitor snapped an image of two ghostly figures in a window, and the home has been featured on Ancient Origins and Ghost Adventures.

Anyway, it sounds like a great story, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t mind visiting Loftus Hall and checking it out for myself! With the COVID-19 pandemic, the hall has been closed to the public, though, but they have a virtual tour for 9,99 euros. I don’t know what its current status is, but if it ever reopens, I’ll report on it here. 

Would you buy a haunted house, or have you been to Loftus Hall or similar haunted historical homes in Ireland? Let us know! If you have an interesting story about living in a haunted house, consider submitting a report

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