Have You Heard the “Ohio Howl”?

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I recently came across an article on 92.9 NIN’s website (a Wichita Falls radio station) about the “Ohio Howl” and found it kind of fascinating that someone collated various audio footage of this howl from various spots in Ohio over the years. 

Go ahead and listen to them yourself over here. (Byline: Eric Meier, April 24, 2021.)

According to the video, the initial footage was taken by Matt Moneymaker of Finding Bigfoot fame and he holds the copyright. The BRFO lists the audio footage as being from 1994 in Columbiana County, Ohio, near the Columbiana River.

If you Google this term, it would seem this footage is experiencing a resurgence of reporting on regional radio station websites and other sites. But I don’t know why that is...do you?  If I find out, I’ll update this post, or if you know, let us know in the comments! 

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