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So I know this isn't breaking news any more, but because I was in the midst of an interstate move at the time the US government's UAP disclosure report came out, I am only getting around to writing about it now. 

The disclosure report was out as of June 25, 2021.

To hear all of the anticipation leading up to the release of the report, this one was going to be THE ONE. It was going to blow our minds and open our eyes to the existence of alien life because the US government would FINALLY tell the American people what on earth (or space) is going on with UAPs, right?

Well, everyone I've talked to about it or heard talk about it since the report's release seems pretty underwhelmed. 

I just got done reading it, and admittedly, I'm pretty underwhelmed, too. Though if I'm honest, I wasn't really expecting full disclosure. And I can understand those who were hopeful, but many people I know weren't really expecting much from it.

Here is the super-short version of what's contained within the report:
  • UAP are most likely actual physical objects
  • UAP do potentially pose flight safety risks
  • UAP do appear to show unusual flight characteristics, but these are potentially just bad sensors etc.
  • UAPs can potentially be categorized into various types, which most likely are "airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, USG or U.S. industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems, and a catchall 'other' bin"
  • UAP may post a threat to national security
  • We need to study UAP further
So...a big shot of "available reporting mostly inconclusive" followed by a "limited data leaves UAP unexplained" chaser.

Did you read the report? If not, you can find it here. What are your thoughts? 

In other news, Fox News reports we're looking in all the wrong places for the answers to UAP, and regarding the lack of available data, they interviewed Lue Elizondo, who says that the stigma associated with reporting sightings can be blamed for that.

I mean, sure, that makes sense. Imagine being an air force pilot and telling your CO you've seen a UFO? You might be afraid you will never fly again and they'll push you out with a discharge for mental health reasons. But I have a feeling we have not heard the end of this, and more people, including military personnel, may start coming forward now.

Hey, a girl can hope, right? 👽

Have you had an encounter with an ET or sighted a UFO/UAP? Make a report to me here and I might feature your story! (You can stay anonymous if you wish.)

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