Historical Sites in Iowa Reopen to Paranormal Investigators and Tours

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Do you live near Vinton, Iowa? If you’re a paranormal investigator or enthusiast nearby, there is good news! 

According to News 7 KWWL’s article (byline: Alaina Kwan, April 22, 2021), two historical sites in Vinton will be open to the public, offering overnight stays, tours, and paranormal investigations to help raise money for the sites. 

The Benton County Historical Society partnered with two paranormal investigators, Katie and Josh Hopkins, to create paranormal tours for the public at Horridge House and the Vintage Depot Museum. According to the Hopkinses, they have captured a lot of investigative results at the Horridge House in particular, and they credit the activity to people who have died of natural causes within the home. 

The reporter and cameraman on site for the story report they couldn’t explain why a dresser started shaking while they were filming. Watch the news clip at the top of the story for that footage and let us know what you think. (Admittedly I’m a little underwhelmed and would have liked to see more context or footage, but I’ll let you view it and make up your own minds.) 

Have you visited or investigated any of these sites in Vinton? Let us know! If you want to share a story of your experience there, consider submitting a report. I know I would definitely check these properties out if I ever find myself out that way, if for no other reason than to enjoy viewing these beautiful, historical sites and learning about Vinton’s history. 

Keep it spooky! 👻

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