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You’ve heard of Jeff Belanger, right? 

If you haven’t, hie thee to his site and get to know his work, because he is entertaining, funny, warm, and knowledgable about the topics we all love around here: legends, folklore, and stories related to creepy, spooky, and mysterious things. Whether you’ve seen his work with Ghost Adventures or read his books or watched his TV series, you’ve probably run across his work at some point if you’re a paranormal enthusiast.

As a Connecticut native, one of my favorites was his Emmy-nominated TV show, New England Legends, which at the time of this writing is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video (free with your Prime membership). I’ve hung his Haunted New England calendars in my office spaces over the years, and I’ve read some of his books.

So I’m interested to see the release of his newest book, The Call of Kilimanjaro: Finding Hope Above the Clouds, and it’s now in my reading list. When I’m finished, I’ll write a proper review, but I wanted you all to know about it so you could pick it up, too. 

This book is about Jeff’s summiting of Mount Kilimanjaro as an amateur hiker, and why he took on that goal. If you can, head on over to Darkness Radio and listen to the recent interview he did with Dave Schrader, where he discusses the incredibly human (and heartwrenching) background to this story, as well as the challenges—physical, mental, and spiritual—he faced. (You can subscribe to Darkness Radio on various platforms, including Apple’s iTunes and Stitcher Premium. Jeff’s interview aired on March 25th.) You can also read a great interview with Jeff at the Berkshire Eagle’s website. 

I know this book is a different offering than his usual fare, but I’m sure it’ll be a great read. Have you read any of Jeff’s books or watched his work on TV? Let us know in the comments! Speaking for myself, I’m glad to support a member of the paranormal community whose research and work I have enjoyed, and I look forward to reading his latest offering. 

Stay spooky! 🦇

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